Culture, diversity, values, and beliefs policy

To Provide a diverse and inclusive service to the participants and their families W.I.L.L promotes the following:

  • Support culture diversity and promote an inclusive environment.

  • Support participants to play an active role in the community.

  • Finding participants’ needs from consulting with their family members and carers.

  • Create an inclusive workplace for all staff and workers, respecting their cultural beliefs and language difference.

  • Ensuring there are no differences in service provision between participants and the rest of people in society.

  • Support people who are culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD), of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Island (ATSI) descent, supporting their cultural and spiritual beliefs.

  •  At the direction of the participant, the culture, diversity, values, and beliefs of that participant are identified and sensitively responded to.

  • Each participant’s right to practice their culture, values and beliefs while accessing supports is supported.

  • W.I.L.L‘s participants, were English is not their primary language will be provided with interpretation support (if required) or in case of a meeting, these individuals would be able to bring a member of their family to assist with translation.