Privacy and Confidentiality policy

  • W.I.L.L is committed to providing quality services and respecting your rights. Participants right to privacy and confidentiality will be recognised, respected, and protected in all aspects.

  • At W.I.L.L, all information will be handled based on the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework.

  • Consistent processes and practices are in place that respect and protect the personal privacy and confidentiality of each participant.

  • W.I.L.L ensures that all confidential documents are handled safely in our operations.

  • W.I.L.L will not disclose any Confidential Information to any persons who are not employed by W.I.L.L or Participant unless consent has been obtained. 

  • W.I.L.L is committed to maintaining confidentiality of medical results.

  • W.I.L.L will not disclose, copy, release, sell, alter, or destroy any confidential information, either electronic or paper based unless it is part of my job. 

  • W.I.L.L is committed to protecting the privacy of participant and workers.