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Liam and Jordan are our foundation participants, starting their business in October 2019, selling wooden creations they learned to build with their volunteer woodwork teacher, Paul Hannah. Whilst this business started off strong, business died down and times become tough. 


Early in 2020 Liam started weekly work experience at Samford Valley Mushrooms. After conversations with Madi and Mitch, the owners, the boys joined a partnership selling Mushroom Compost. 


Sadly, late in 2020 the 'Poo Pile' at Millen Farm gates was shut down, leaving them without a platform to sell their Mushroom compost. 

Liam has since moved on from the business, starting an apprenticeship with Adept Painting and Decorating.


Jordan has taken the challenges of business in his stride and is now cultivating and selling Succulents. 

I feel it important to share the story behind the boy’s business name ‘D Minus’ and the logo of the paper plane. Jordan wanted to call the business D Minus as that was the marks he always got at school, and this was his way of showing that he is better than a D Minus. The paper plane was Liam’s idea. He wanted a paper plane as this was the first thing he remembers getting into trouble at school for. He was in a test and the test was too hard, so he made a plane out of it and threw it across the classroom, this was his first ever detention. 

You will find Jordan and his succulents every second Wednesday at the front entrance of Drakes Supermarket Samford from 2-4pm. 

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