Therapy Dog Program

An integral part of our day program is the raising and training of therapy dogs. The teens who attend the day program participate in regular dog training sessions, with Liz from Whiskey's Wish, where they learn how to care for and train dogs to become fully registered therapy dogs. 

There is a significant amount of research being conducted around the benefits of dogs for people with Autism. If you are ever in doubt of the benefits, you need to come out to our day program and see our teens with our dogs! We observe decreases in stress levels, during meltdowns the dogs assist with calming and grounding, in addition we have seen improvements in language and emotional skills. 

Our Therapy dogs provide a non judgmental, unconditional friendship, that is uncomplicated and life long!!!

Currently there is insufficient research of the benefits of therapy dogs for ASD, to provide the evidence required by the NDIS to deem the cost of a therapy dog value for money.

'It costs in excess of $40,000 to raise and train a Therapy Dog'

In recognition of Autism Awareness month we are donating Miss Elsa to a family who is in need of an Autism Therapy Dog

Miss Elsa

Miss Elsa joined the W.I.L.L program in July 2020. She instantly filled our hearts with love! 

Elsa's training started from day one, proving to be quite the clever little thing. Within days she could sit, stay, shake hands and walk on a lead. Elsa's training was made particularly easy, because she LOVES food. 

At the ripe old age of 2, Miss Elsa has earned her 'Training' jacket to become a fully qualified 'Therapy Dog'. We are all so proud of her and know she will be the best friend in the whole wide world for her forever owner.

Sir Humphrey

Sir Humphrey is our newest edition to the W.I.L.L family. Despite his obvious fluffy cuteness, Sir Humphrey is already able to sit, drop and stay. 

He knows his job, be cute and make every goo and gaa! 

As with all of our puppy's Sir Humphrey will undergo 2 years of training to become a qualified ASD Therapy Dog, follow his journey on Facebook and Instagram.

Applications close midnight Sunday 20th March 2022
Apply Here
Are you applying for your own family or nominating someone?

Please complete with your details (put the details of the child you are applying for/nominating in the details section)

How did you hear about us?
Does the nominated peson have another dog or has had a dog in the past?
What council does the nominated recipient live in?

Terms and Conditions

- Individual must have a diagnosis of ASD 

- Individual with ASD must be aged between 10-18 years

- Recipient must live within the Moreton Bay or Brisbane City Council (at time of receiving gift)

- Agree to the use of personal images on all media platforms

- You understand that receiving the gift of a Therapy Dog from Whole Self Independent Life Learning is a commitment to becoming a pet owner.

- You acknowledge that you will be personally responsible and liable for the ongoing care and maintenance of the Dog.

- On exchange of the Dog from Whole Self Independent Life Learning to the gift recipient we accept no further liability or ownership for the dog. 

- Whole Self Independent Life Learning will provide all veterinary history and a handover vet check to ensure the good health of the dog. 

- Whole Self Independent Life Learning will ensure all vaccinations, worming, and other such required treatments are up to date and provide veterinary certificates accordingly. 

- Whole Self Independent Life Learning reserves the right to ensure the gift recipient will be a suitable fit for the dog. For this reason a strict screening process will take place prior to the Therapy Dog being offered as a gift. Throughout this process home visits will be conducted. The final recipient of the dog will not be announced until this process has concluded. 

- On receiving the gift of the Therapy Dog, the recipient agrees to liaise with Whole Self Independent Life Learning to ensure the ongoing suitability of the dog ownership. Should for any reason the dog not be a suitable fit after a period of time, Whole Self Independent Life Learning has first right of refusal to rehome the dog. 

Thank you for your application!The team at W.I.L.L wish you and your family much love