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'Knowing Annie's life story, and her amazing strength to combat all odds, she is courageous, inspiring, tough, loving, caring, truthful and a woman of her word. Through shear commitment, sweat and many tears Annie has not only risen to take control of her own life but through her excellent ability to empathise she is now a Holistic Counsellor that helps guide her clients to their truth and personal empowerment.'

Leanne Stanton, Energy Depot Samford

'At the time we enrolled our teen into the W.I.L.L program she was experiencing significant impacts due to her disabilities. These included self-harming, depression, severe levels of anxiety and disengaged from her schooling. She was failing all her subjects and was at significant risk socially.The program has changed the life of our daughter and our family. The intensive support she receives through W.I.L.L has reduced her anxieties and allowed her to blossom and excel in ways that were not possible for her before. She is no longer self-harming and the symptoms of her disabilities have improved with the increase of her self-esteem and self-confidence. More importantly, she is now back at school full time and got an A for her math exam.'

Parent of program participant (unnamed for privacy)

'As a single mother I constantly questioned myself, am I doing the right thing, have I found the right support network, where can I go for more support and many many more questions! My son was accepted into the W.I.L.L program in mid 2019, and there has been no looking back. He is now leading a successful life, a life I never thought he could have.'

Parent of program participant (unnamed for privacy)

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