How much does it cost?

The program relies on NDIS funding. The cost of the program varies, as each timetable is structed to meet the individual goals and needs of each participant. 

We have been incredibly fortunate to have many Friends, Family, Qualified Teachers, Therapists and Professionals step forward to volunteer their time and services. 

In circumstances where NDIS funding is not available or does not fund the session, personal contribution will be required, however we endeavor to keep costs to an absolute minimum and these sessions are optional extras.  


Why is there a minimum of 4 in each group?

Of course there are the practicalities, such as seats in the car, however the one struggle, common to all who are diagnosed with ASD, is their anxieties around social situations. If we limit each group to 3-4 and the group is very carefully created to ensure the individuals have common interests, there is more chance of success.  


Why is this only for teens?

NDIS supplies minimal funding for younger children to work on their independence and life skills. For this reason we have chosen to start the program with teens, until such time as we are able to seek funding from other sources. 

Are you a teacher?

No I am not a teacher. I am a practicing Counsellor, Self-Care advocate, Mindfulness Coach, Art Therapist, Founder and Director of 'The Bad Mum's Movement' and a Mum of a 15 yr old ASD Boy and a 10 yr old girl. 

I have created this program as a solution for my own son and hope that it can help many others who are in the same situation as us. 

But they have to be enrolled in school

Our families choose to enroll their children in a multitude of educational programs in conjunction with the W.I.L.L program, including Home Education and or Distance Education. Whilst the program is not a school, included in the weekly timetable are sessions with Teachers to support their educational commitments. Our Independent Skills Support Workers are responsible for ensuring each participant attend these sessions. In addition, each participant will be required to complete homework under the supervision of their parent/carer.

How does this meet Homeschooling regulations?

‘Home education is defined as the education of the child provided by one or both of the child’s parents, or a registered teacher, primarily at the child’s usual place of residence.’

To ensure all Homeschooling regulations are adhered to, all 'Academic' sessions will be conducted by registered Education Specialists and/or registered Teachers. In addition, the participants will be provided with some form of 'Homework' to be completed outside of the programs timetables hours. Any homework allocated will be provided by the educational experts and in line with the individuals learning competencies. 

Homeschooling regulations do not stipulate the number of education hours a student must complete per week, on the provision they meet their goals as per their application plans. This program has been designed to be an 'extra curricular' program.

Who will write the application and plan for Home school?

This is the responsibility of the participants parent/carer, however as I will be writing one for my own son I will happily assist with each participants plan if required.


How do I apply for a place for my teen?

Please submit an enquiry via the website and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Due to demand, we cannot guarantee your child a placement, but we will do our very best to accommodate. 


Are you running school holiday programs or other programs?

At this stage no. I am going to pour all of my energy into the weekly learning program at this stage. However, I am very well aware that this is a much needed service for many families. I will revisit this at some point in the not to distant future.

Can my child join in on one of the classes rather than the entire program?To ensure the success of the program, it is important to ensure as much consistency and structure as humanly possible. If your child is in main stream schooling part time, please do complete a pre- enrollment form as we do have a number of children in this situation and if we are able to align their days, we have the potential to create a part time group.


Can I come and have a look around?

If you would like to take a look around, we welcome you, however PLEASE make an appointment so I can provide the kids with a heads up. 

Having other people coming and going has the potential to disrupt the dynamics of the group and create anxieties that could otherwise be avoided.