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About us

Our vision:

To create an environment customised to suit the needs of adolescents with a diagnosis of High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder and or ADHD.


Our adolescents need somewhere to go, where they can feel safe and supported at all times.

Frequently asked questions:


When will the school be open?

The Board is hard at work! We are currently working with Moreton Bay City Council to have the proposed site re-zoned to become an education precinct. You can follow Samford Valley Independent School on Facebook to get all of the latest updates on progress.  

To provide an exact date right now is near impossible. 

How can I get my child's name on the waitlist?

Place an enquiry via the W.I.L.L website, make sure you choose Samford Valley Independent School enquiry in the drop down and you will be contacted as soon as possible. 

Am I guaranteed a place for my adolescent?

As we do not have an opening date it is impossible to make any promises right now. Follow us on Facebook for all updates on progress.

How can I help?

A very wise person once said to me,"If building a school was easy, everyone would do it!" 

We are looking for help in many areas of this project. Currently we are seeking assistance in getting a P&C set up. If you are able to assist, please send an enquiry via W.I.L.L website with detail of the assistance you can provide. 

Can I make a donation to the school?

YES!! YES!! YES!! 

It costs a LOT of money to build a school. If you would like to make a donation please contact us for details, or go to our facebook page to make a donation. 

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